Ambient Intelligence and Interactive Machines Laboratory
(Aiim Lab)

Ambient intelligence is the concept of incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning into every aspect of our lives in order to create environments that continuously sense, understand, analyze, and interact with us seamlessly. At Aiim, we develop state-of-the-art human-centric technologies towards a fully interactive, user-aware world, with the overall goal of improving health, user experience, security, and overall quality of life.


  • [11/2022] Two papers have been accepted to AAAI'23, one focusing on self-supervised learning and the other on audio-video affect and cognitive load analysis.

  • [07/2022] Two papers have been accepted to ECCV'22 (both oral), one focusing on object detection and the other on object pose estimation.

  • [06/2022] Dr. Etemad has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.

  • [05/2022] Dr. Etemad gave a talk at Google Research.

  • [03/2022] Dr. Etemad and colleagues from Facebook AI, Rice U, Socure, Philips Research, University of Cambridge, organized and hosted the AAAI'22 workshop on Human-Centric Self-Supervised Learning (link to workshop website).

  • [01/2022] Dr. Etemad has been appointed as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence.

  • [12/2021] Our work on smart homes is featured in IEEE Spectrum magazine (link to article).

  • [11/2021] Dr. Etemad was on the Casgrain Lecture on Artificial Intelligence panel.

  • [10/2021] Pritam Sarkar won the best poster award and Setareh Rahimi won the second place, at the Robotics and AI Symposium (@ Ingenuity Labs in Queen’s).

  • [07/2021] Our paper on generating depth images from RGB using a novel teacher-student GAN got accepted to ICCV'21.

  • Pritam Sarkar was selected for the Postgraduate Affiliate Award from Vector Institute!

  • Sayantan Das was awarded the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence!

  • Our paper on a novel LSTM cell architecture for multi-perspective data was accepted to CVPR'21.

  • Dr. Etemad gave a talk at the Canada Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Engineering & Analytics Digital Forum (CAMDEA) on affective computing with deep learning.

  • Dr. Etemad was on a panel at the Neurotech Workshop, discussing the role of AI in neurtech and BCI.

  • Our work on generating affordable ECG from PPG with a novel GAN architecture got accepted to AAAI'21.

  • Divij Gupta was awarded the Vector Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence!

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